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  4 Hot Buttons of the Christian Church

 Demon Activity and Spiritual Battle  

How to stop demons pages discuss aspects of demonic behavior that are not common knowledge. Most people do not know how demons enter and people do not know the demonic behavior and influences when it is inside the person/host. The truth is demons can be quieted or stopped.

Every person can battle to control and stop demons.  Demons are similar to a fatal disease because demons need to be  discovered early. The earlier the spiritual battle the less time it takes to stop the demon. The battle is highly individual and must be done by the person affected day by day.  Exorcism can be a partial relief from demon possession but usually is not complete because the person is not taught how to battle the demon when alone at home.  

If you think that there is a demon influencing your life, do not hide but get help.  Demons do not leave by choice. They must be forced out. Demons are like a fatal disease.  They need to be discovered and forced out early or your life could be in danger.

The information contained in these pages are a result of my unfortunate personal experience with a partial demon possession when I was a 18 years old and my observations from 12 years of functioning as an assistant or lead exorcist 20 years later.  

Do You Have a demon?

How Demons Enter

Demons & Sex

Christian Deliverance and Exorcism

Christian Deliverance and Exorcism  

As a Christian you have power over demons in the name of Jesus Christ.  Demons are bold and they will attempt to attach to your soul.  Knowledge about the demonic enemy will  keep you spiritually strong. Christians, know your enemy.  

 Many churches do not discuss how demons can affect Christians.  Some churches do not believe Christians can have demons.  Christians become spiritually weak with inadequate teaching.  Do not close your eyes and hide from demons. The truth is Christians can have demons and need to know how  to fight spiritual battle.  

The three most important links to read for Christians are:

Lies Demons Tell Christians


80 Gifts From Jesus

Yes, Christians Can Have Demons


Spiritual Christianity and the Holy Spirit

Spiritual Christianity and Holy Spirit Gifts

 God knows that we are all seeking a measure of pleasure.  Most churches do not emphasize or practice God's presence.  Church without the presence of God is legalistic and dry.    He created all people (Christian and Non-Christian) to desire the pleasure and power of His presence.  If a church does not have the manifested presence of God, then  we advance our own  intellectual and physical substitutions for pleasure, power and joy.   We may depend on other people, or an addiction or material things for our pleasure but this doesn't satisfy us for long..  

His presence is excellent, good and pleasurable.  Even King David in the book of Psalms experienced God's pleasure.  Psalm 16:11 "In Thy presence is fullness of joy; In Thy right hand are pleasures forever." How does glorious bliss of His presence feel?  Glorious bliss of the Holy Spirit feels beyond excellent, glorious, peaceful, joyful, beyond awesome.  

Presence of God

Voice of the Holy Spirit

Journaling Holy Spirit Thoughts


Woman's Place In the Church

Woman's Place in the Church

 Christian women, you have a God given destiny for your life.  The Holy Spirit has given you spiritual hunger for the kingdom of God.  Christian women, do not permit yourself to be silenced by gender prejudice in the Christian church.   Knowledge of the scriptures is imperative so that no person can silence your anointing, gifts and talents given to you by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Women Pastors and Preachers

Women Arise

Submission Scriptures

My True Story-& About Circle of Christian Women



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I am so excited to have these new blogs-in a new format-updated responsive for all devices.  I would love to read about your spiritual experiences, your comments and your ideas for new pages!I am so excited to have these new blogs-in a new format-updated responsive for all devices.  I would love to read about your spiritual experiences, your comments and your ideas for new pages!


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