Deliverance Testimonies

These Spirit Channeling stories are for the spiritually sensitive.   People who know that have a natural channel to the spirits.  These pages are also for the spiritually curious.  You want a spiritual paranormal experience.   You want to attempt  active channeling.  There are many Occult and New Age web pages that will encourage you to strengthen "your gift."  

The people who submitted these stories did so as a warning to you.  Do not be  deceived by the spirits.  Most of the time, you can channel fear free unless you want to stop.  Then the trouble begins.  The spirit will start to influence you through fear, disorientation, and your dreams. 

You will find that all the people who began Channeling did not have an religious orientation.  Many of the people did not know or care to know Jesus Christ; however, they definitely wanted to get rid of the demonic spirits permanently.  

All of people whose stories below learned that they can fight a possessive spirit through the power of Jesus Christ.   

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