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Ghosts, Apparitions, Spiritual Creatures



What are ghosts, apparitions, and various spiritual creatures?  They are definitely some sort of spirit beings and they do exist in certain places. Many Christians would call them demons.  Other people think they are spirits of dead people.  I remember many years ago, I received an email and message on my message board from a Ghost Society.  The person called my explanation of ghosts simplistic (I thought ghost were demons.) The person from the Society told me they are spirits of dead people.    

I lived in a house that had a ghost for about two years.  I was in my living room relaxing on my sofa when I saw a long, narrow black shadow passing by the room.  This was an a very old remodeled cabin in the woods of Minnesota.  The spirit was real , I knew the thing was a spirit of some sort.  I pulled out all my Christian spiritual warfare:  commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, anointed every room in the house with anointing oil, prayed over every room in the house especially the basement.  The thing was still active.  It made rattling noises in the basement, doors open and shut doors periodically while I was upstairs.  My husband would not acknowledge the thing finally told me that he was watching TV and locked all the doors; he stated the basement door opened and slammed shut.  

The thing did not have the usual characteristics of a demon because it did not attempt any direct communication and did not seem to want to begin a possession procedure. I kept doing spiritual battle for about two years. The thing was still in the house but the activity lessened.  Finally, one day we moved to a different state.  I prayed this thing would not follow us. Thankfully, it did not follow.  What was it?  I don't know and don't want to know.  Ghosts, apparitions and various spiritual creature should not be encouraged by attention--maybe the ghost society knows what they are and maybe they don't.

There are a few TV programs about ghosts and spiritual beings.  The ghost hunter spends time and money trying to help the people being haunted and the ghost to go over to the "other side."  Sometimes it works or not.  I assume that the stories are true but TV does have a habit of embellishing the facts.  

I do not want ghosts, apparitions or spiritual creatures near me.  They could be demons and that is all I need to know.  I hope you stay spiritually safe and not go there. 


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Be free.  Do not pursue ghosts, apparitions or spiritual creatures.  





Most people are fearful of ghosts.  Our internal spiritual senses are warning us  to stay out of this spiritual realm.




Never think you can be a host for a demon.  You will not be able to make them leave without spiritual battle.  Brian's Story-Hosting a Demon