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How Demons Enter


All people are protected by the common grace of God.  Demons cannot enter a person unless there is a spiritual legal right.   The activities and religions listed below have demons attached. Some people have a stronger spiritual core than others.  For example, one person will work a Ouija Board and not get any demons while another person will work the Ouija Board the same way for the same length of time will receive strong demonic oppression.  Ultimately, the demons will get a foothold on the person with the weakest spiritual core.  Once a demon comes into the soul it is very difficult to get rid of the thing.   

 Channeling is an Occult method used to summon and communicate with the spirits.   Activity is below* Bondage Breaker, Neil Armstrong

Ouija Board,      Table Lifting,        Magic Eight Ball,        Bloody Mary,      Mental Telepathy,       Automatic Handwriting,      Trances,       Spirit Guides,      
Tarot Cards,  Levitation,  Witchcraft/Sorcery,  Palm Reading,    Astrology/Horoscopes,   Hypnosis,   (amateur or self-induced) Sťances), Dungeons & Dragons, Blood pacts or cutting body on purpose,     
 Object of Worship/good luck charms,      Sexual Spirits,      Superstitions,     New Age,   Masons,   Mind Science Cults,      Silva Mind Control,      
Transcendental Meditation, Native American Spirit Worship, Rosicrucianism



Negative Thoughts and Emotions   

Another entrance demons use is through our negative emotions.   Negative emotions are first the result of the person's wrong thinking patterns.   If the negative emotions and thoughts are allowed to fester for a long period of time the demon can gain a "foothold" in the mind.  The demon then gains influence begins to magnify the wrong thinking with more intense and hateful thoughts.  If the person does not correct that intense negative thinking pattern but encourages the thoughts, the demon can gain more control of the mind by permanently entering the mind.  

The groupings below can be demonic influence patterns but they can also be a mental health issue.  There is a thin line between Mental illness and the demonic.  First have professional counseling or psychiatric help with prescribed medication.  If couseling does not help after and extending amount of time then try deliverance ministry to test for demons.  A combination of both professional counseling and deliverance ministry could be needed for a full recovery.

Demon Groupings represents patterns experienced in actual deliverance sessions** (Pigs in the Parlor --p.113-114-see reference)

  1. Bitterness-

  2. Rebellion- Self will, Stubbornness, Disobedience

  3. Strife-  Contention, Bickering, Argument, Quarreling, Fighting

  4. Control- Possessiveness, Dominance, Witchcraft

  5. Retaliation- Destruction, Spite, Hatred, Sadism, Cruelty

  6. Accusation- Judging, Criticism, Faultfinding

  7. Rejection- Fear of rejection, Self-Rejection

  8. Insecurity- Inferiority, Self-Pity, Loneliness, Timidity, Shyness, Inadequacy, Ineptness

  9. Jealousy- Envy, Suspicion, Distrust, Selfishness

  10. Withdrawal- Pouting, Daydreaming, Fantasy, Pretension, Unreality

  11. Escape- Indifference, Stoicism, Passivity, Sleepiness, Alcohol, Drugs

  12. Passivity- Indifference, Listlessness, Lethargy

  13. Depression- Despair, Despondency, Discouragement, Defeatism, Dejection, Hopelessness, Suicide, Death, Insomnia, Morbidity

  14. Heaviness-  Gloom, Burden, Disgust

  15. Worry- Anxiety, Fear of man, Fear of Disapproval

  16. Nervousness- Tension, Headache. Nervous habits, Restlessness, Excitement, Insomnia, Roving

  17. Sensitiveness- Self-awareness, Fear of Man, Fear of Disapproval

  18. Persecution- Unfairness, Fear of Judgment, Fear of condemnation, Fear of Accusation, Fear of Reproof, Sensitiveness

  19. Paranoia- Jealousy Envy, Suspicion, Distrust, Persecution, Fears,

  20. Confusion- Frustration, Incoherence, Forgetfulness

  21. Indecision- Procrastination, Compromise, Confusion, Forgetfulness, Indefference

  22. Self-Deception- Self-delusion, Self-seduction, Pride

  23. Mind-Bending- Confusion, Fear of man, Fear of Failure, Occult Spirits, Spiritism, Spirits

  24. Mind Idolatry- Intellectualism, Rationalization, Pride, Ego

  25. Fears (all kinds)- Phobias (all Kinds) Hysteria

  26. Fear Of Authority- Lying, Deceit

  27. Pride- Ego. Vanity, Self-righteousness, Haughtiness, Importance, Arrogance

  28. Affection- Theatrics, Play-acting, Sophistication, Pretension

  29. Covetousness- Stealing, Kleptomania, Material Lust, Greed, Discontent

  30. Perfection- Pride, Vanity, Ego, Frustration, Criticism, Irritability, Intolerance, Anger

  31. Competitions- Driving to be First, Argument, Pride, Ego

  32. Impatience- Agitation, Frustration, Intorance, Resentment, Criticism

  33. False Burden- False responsibility, False Compassion

  34. Grief- Sorrow, Heartache, Heartbreak, Crying, Sadness, Cruel

  35. Fatigue- Tiredness, Weariness, Laziness

  36. Hyper-Activity- Restlessness, Driving, Pressure

  37. Cursing- Blasphemy, Course Jesting, Gossip, Criticism, Backbiting, Mockery, Belittling, railing

  38. Addictive & Compulsive- Nicotine, Alcohol, Drugs, Medication, Caffeine, Gluttony

  39. Gluttony- Nervousness, Compulsive Eating, Resentment, Frustration, Idleness, Self-pity, Self-Reward

  40. Self-Accusation- Self-Hatred, Self-Condemnation

  41. Guilt- Condemnation, Shame, Unworthiness, Embarrassment

  42. Sexual Impurity- Lust, Fantasy, Masturbation, Adulter, Fornication, Incest, Harlotry, Rape, Exposure, Frigidity

  43. Occult- Ouija Board, Palmistry Handwriting Analysis, Automatic Handwriting, ESP, Hypnotism, Horoscope, Astrology, Levitation, Fortune Telling, Water Witching, Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Wichcraft, Black magic, White magic, Conjuration, Incatation, Charms, Fetishes, Etc.

  44. Religious- Ritualism, Formalism, Legalism, Doctrinal Obsession, Secuction, Doctrinal Error, Fear of God, Fear of Hell, Fear of Lost Salvation, Religiosity, ETC


Generational Curses

There could be demonic activity in your family that can be as far back as four generations.  This gives demons legal ground to harass. Just as some diseases can be inherited so can demonic activity in families.    The person has no idea why their mind and spirit are oppressed.



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