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Piper's Story-Ouija Board

I went through an experience of possession in the early 90's after the repeated use of the Ouija board. The spirit called itself 'Magician'. It was a compulsive liar, and any question about itself was abruptly met with 'Goodbye'. After only a few sessions, Magician had crowded the board such that I could not contact  any other spirits. During a ouija board party where I was present but not participating, I asked the participants to ask any question about me and I left the room so as to not influence the outcome in any way. Apparently, Magician had taken the board again, for the pointer went to 'Goodbye' and would not answer any more questions.

I eventually became aware of the spirit's presence around me when I was not using the board. It filled my thoughts with alienating fear and hatred, just as you described, and I found myself occasionally speaking and acting without conscious thought. It haunted me. I would battle it mentally, driving it off, but it would always come back when my guard was down. One time, I 'pushed' against it particularly hard, and I swear I saw a vague form shimmering in the air near me.

Fortunately, I had friends. One of them believed my plight, telling me that he had sensed the spirit connected to my aura long before I mentioned it to him. A Christian friend of mine spoke of how he had felt an unclean charge of energy during one of my sudden, involuntary actions. Another Christian friend prayed with me, and I found myself talking in a strange voice, viciously scorning his faith and mocking his flaws, trying to break his faith.

At one point when the spirit was plaguing me particularly bad, I sent it to "Kill someone on the other side of the world. Just go!" For the first time, the spirit seemed to fulfill my request! It disappeared, leaving me with a feeling of stillness in its absence. Its presence didn't return for hours. I pray it didn't actually manage to hurt anybody in the time it was gone.

Through all of this, I was never afraid, since I was winning all the battles -- until I realized that there would be no end to the war I was fighting, that the spirit could continue these battles forever. I became aware of an almost tangible connection to the thing, like a cable stuck in the back of my head.

I knew from my born-again Christian friends that accepting Christ was a way out. However, I resisted, as I had serious issues with the narrow Christian belief and I refused to hypocritically flee to Christ for help, only to drop Him again when I was safe. I had to be sure that I was accepting Him unconditionally. I conducted a lot of soul searching while continuing to battle the spirit.

When I finally did accept Christ into my heart, it was as simple as answering a yes/no question -- mind you, it was done with conviction and commitment. Peace and love like I had never known flooded my being.. It washed the spirit's influence from me immediately and a few days later, its presence disappeared entirely. A new, kinder voice that resonated in my heart warned me that I must never communicate with spirits again, or Magician would return.

I didn't look back until tonight. I was afraid that thinking about it would summon the spirit. As time went on, I began to doubt my metaphysical experiences. At one point, I even believed I was schizophrenic. Finding your web site has granted me the relief of independent confirmation that I did not have a psychotic episode ten years ago, and that my experience was far from unique.





Below are true stories of what happened to spiritually curious people after pursuing the spiritual realm.

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