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Daily Declarations



I receive your friendship.    Prov 18:12, Ps 94:12
You are my teacher.                  Ps 73:26, Ps 86:11
You are my nourishment. John 6:35, 6:51
You are my glory. Jude 1:24
I receive Your love. 1 Cor 13
I receive Your happiness. Prov 16:20
I receive Your forgiveness. Act 26:18
You make me complete. Col 2:10
I am your discipline. Job 36:10
I receive Your power. Luke 9:1
I receive Your righteousness. 2 Cor 5:21
No one can come between us. Rom 8:39
I receive your confidence. Prov 3:26
You lift my burdens. Mat 11:30
You answer my questions. Mark 9:19
I receive Your help in time of need. Psalm 91:15
I receive your leadership. Psalm 73:24
You give me revelation. 2 Cor 12:1 
You give me order. Psalm 37:2
I receive Your blessing. Deut 28:1-14
You are always with me. Mat 28:20
I receive Your freedom. John 8:36
You are My  judge. John 5:27
You are My deliverer. Psalm 18:2, Col 1:13
You are my healer. Isa 53:5, Luke 4:18
You are my purity. Heb 10:22, Rev 15:6
You cover me with Your holiness. 1 Cor 3:17, Col 1:22
You are my hope.  
You give me eternal life in heaven.  
I receive Your protection.  



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