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Breaking Curses and Soul Tie Breaking

Curses and Curse Breaking

Curse breaking is breaking any curses that give the demonic legal right to you. Curses are a prayer or invocation of harm or injury to another.  There are many types of curses:  a word curse spoken from parent to child "You are never going to amount to anything."  A curse from an enemy, "All your prosperity will be destroyed."  A curse from a teacher "you are not going to do well at school."   A generational curse can be placed on a family, "Your family will be always be sick and weak."  

Jesus Christ is the curse breaker.  He became a curse for His born-again believers.  Words spoken aloud into the atmosphere are powerful.  Demons may attach to them curses even through the generations.  A curse remains a curse until it is broken.  Ask the Holy Spirit if there are any curses you need to break in Jesus name.   Some of the most common curses are infirmity, fear, depression, addictions and abuse.  There may be generational curses the Holy Spirit bring to your mind.

Declare aloud "I break the curse of _____ and the generational curse of ____ in the name of Jesus Christ.  I thank you God that I am free.  The curse is broken.  Do not believe any demonic lies that the curse are not broken.  Jesus Christ is our curse breaker.

Soul Ties and Soul Tie Breaking

 A soul-tie is a spiritual linkage from one person to another.  Demons can travel into this linkage and influence the people involved.  The soul ties can be formed by sexual relationships, friendships, family relationships.  An example of soul ties is when one person still has feeling for another even though the couple broke-up 10 years ago.  Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your memory any unholy soul ties that are in your life and speak the soul tie breaking into the atmosphere.  Believe that it is done in the name of Jesus Christ.

Declare aloud "I break all unholy ties between me and _____ in the name of Jesus Christ.  I send back to _____ all parts of him/her that are in me washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.  I return all parts of me in ____ to me 

Curse breaking and soul-tie breaking is spoken into the atmosphere.  Only needs to be done one time and the rest if faith in the name of Jesus Christ.  Yes, demons will attempt to weaken your faith by telling you to break cruses and soul-ties over and over again. Demons will use circumstances to test your faith.   Do not participate in this lie.  Jesus Christ is faithful and the prayers should only be recited one time.  If you lack faith connect with the Holy Spirit for stronger confidence and faith.

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