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Lies Demons Tell Christians

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Demonic lies come according to the vulnerability of each person.  The lies always involve either too much or too little in emotional balance.   There are arrows of lies to our thoughts shot by demons hope will be accepted by the person as fact.  These lies can give demons legal right to gain a legal right to enter into the mind and emotions.  Once legal right has been granted the demons are able to begin the demon oppression and possession process.

Christian woman, guard your mind.  Spirit discernment of any demonic lies will be highlighted by the Holy Spirit living in you.  Exercise your spiritual senses in all your days and nights-24/7.   


Demon:  I am rejected.

God:  I am accepted (Eph 1:6 and Psm 139:17)

Demon:  I feel guilty

God:  I am totally forgiven  (Eph 1:7, Psm 103:3)

Demon:  I am inadequate  

God:  I am adequate (Phil 1:7; 2 Cor 3:5)

Demon:  I Am fearful, anxious person

God:  I am free from fear. (2 Tim 1:9)

Demon:  I am not very smart

God:  I have God's wisdom  (1 Corth 1:30)

Demon:  I am in bondage

God:  I am free (2 Corth 3:17)

Demon:  I am unlovable/unloved.

God:  I am loved  (John 5:19)

Demon:  I am unwanted

God:  I have been adopted by God and am His Child (1 John 3:1)

Demon:  I am hopeless

God:  I have all the hope I need (Rom 15:13)

Demon:  I have no strength

God:  I have God's power (Eph 1:1)

Demon:  I feel condemned

God:  I am blameless (Rom 8:1)

Demon:  I feel alone

God:  I am never alone (Heb 13 5-6)

Demon:  I have no one to take care of me

God:  I am protected/safe  (Psm 32:7-8)

Demon:  There is nothing special about me

God:  I have been chosen by God. (1 Cor 6:11)

Demon:  I am not good enough

God:  I am perfected in Christ (Heb 10:14

Demon:   I am defeated.

God:  I am victorious (2 Corn 2:14)

Demon:  I can't reach God

God:  I have Access to God (Luke 10:19)

Demon:  I feel inferior

God I am designed uniquely for God's purposes  (Psm 139:13)



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