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Do You Have a Demon? 


You should get a spiritual check-up to be sure that you are in the demon free zone.  Most of the time, people know if there are demons around them but will not admit that they may have danger near or inside of them.  Please read through the list of how demons enter. How Demons Enter. Any of the activities on the How Demons Enter could invite a demon.   You might be at risk if you can answer "yes" to any of these questions.

  1. Have you ever played with the Ouija Board, Angle Board, consulted with psychics?

  2. have you ever communicated with deceased loved ones through a medium?

  3. Do you have extreme negative emotions?

  4. Do your often look at pornography?

  5. Do you have suicidal thoughts?

  6. Do you have trouble with mental concentration?

  7. Did you have an imaginary friend in childhood?

  8. Do you have reoccurring bad dreams?

  9. Are you mean and abusive to other people for no apparent reason?

  10. Do you ever hear voices or have thoughts of hurting another person or animal for no apparent reason?



Demon Influence Check List

This check lists can be a measure of possible demonic activity.  There is a fine line between psychiatry and demonic influence.  You should take all the help medical science can give you.   The medication could help to clear the mind of outside thoughts.  


Outward (what others see)

more focus on the spirit Losing forces on daily tasks
Losing energy to maintain good physical appearance Personal appearance is not as good as previously
Lack of sleep Looks more tired than usual
Lack of appetite Losing weight
extreme fearfulness and negative thoughts More nervous
Suicidal thoughts Possible suicide attempts
Secrets with the demon Gradual Isolation from family and friends 
Having thoughts that is different from the normal thought process or hearing voices Person could begin to talk to themselves
Nightmares when asleep Sleep is resisted until too weak to stay awake.






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