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The False Jesus Sexual Demon


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 The false Jesus demon is a sex demon that will attempt to trick a woman into the lie that it is Jesus Christ.  The presence of Jesus is peaceful, sweet, loving and can give a feeling of bliss.  If a woman seeks the bliss instead of knowing the nature of Jesus as stated in the bible, she can get into spiritual trouble by inviting a sexual demon into her body.  The demon will use the book of the "Song of Solomon" as a reference that the blissful presence she is experiencing is that of marital sexual relations. The woman will permit the demon will begin to move her hands and legs to simulate sex to it's conclusion.

I do know of a woman that experienced this lie.  She was a normal woman attending a college.  The family discovered this lie when the woman was spending most of her time in the bedroom.  She told her parents that she was experiencing Jesus in a new way.  The woman loved Jesus Christ with all her heart but was very innocent of the spiritual. 

She was totally convinced that Jesus is her spiritual husband and she is having marital love with Him.  There was no convincing the woman that she was completely wrong about her experience.   The women do not know the true nature of Jesus and that the true "Song of Solomon" book does not teach that a women should have spiritual sex with Jesus.  The woman sited in my example was committed to a mental institution.

I lost track of the family after a while.  I don't know how the woman's story ended.  I hope and pray she eventually saw the truth and had the demon exorcised.  I do not like to write about the false Jesus demon but Christian women need to be warned.  

Demons impersonate Jesus Christ in many other ways:

  1. Appears as a white light in a lucid dream

  2. State the person is a special messenger chosen to give a unique prophesy.

  3. Gives a specific date concerning when Jesus returns to earth.

  4. Desire specific behaviors to obey unscriptural laws or spiritual knowledge will not be revealed

  5. Approval of forthcoming angels to reveal the future.

  6. Must strictly sacrifice daily to be proven worthy of an

  7. A person who claims to be Jesus Christ in the flesh

  8. Quotes bible scriptures out of context

Importance of verifying personal revelations with other strong and trusted Christians.  

Personal revelations from God should be reviewed and prayed over by other Christians.  The seducing words of a demon can be hard to resist-especially if the revelation is deeply desired by the Christian.  A group of other Christians can more easily discern this revelation by measuring it by the scriptures in context with the bible.  Spiritual advise should be seriously accepted and reviewed and not pushed aside as "unspiritual advise."   Stay safe from demons and seriously heed the advise of the members of the body of Christ.


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