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Demons and Dreams

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One of the most difficult means of control is controlling the mind while asleep.  It has been scientifically proven that all of us dream.  Most of the dreams are not remembered when a person awakes.  The mind is in neutral.  The mind continues to function and creates dreams.  

Demons can easily give a person dreams because the mind is in a neutral state  They give dreams of great fear, being chased, laughed at, tortured by strange and ugly  creatures.  The person's  only alternative in the beginning is suddenly wake-up in fear.  The key to remember is not to dwell on the dream.  Do not permit the dream to overtake emotions.  Do not analyze the dream or even tell the demon to stop. Eventually, the person will sleep again only to be awakened from another demonic dream.  The dreams are usually lucid dreams that are difficult to forget.  Demonic dreams are the reason people who have demons do not want to sleep and usually do not sleep more than a few hours at a time.

How can a person protect their mind when asleep?  There is one particular method that takes practice.  The person is practicing controlling thoughts and ignoring the demon when awake.  After a certain amount to time, the mind will be in auto-mode. That means controlling thoughts becomes easier and easier.  When asleep the same auto-mode will operate.  The dream will be recognized as a demonic dream and ignored.  The demon can be ordered to stop the dream.  Once this is accomplished the demon's influence becomes weaker and the dreams will occur less often.  There is no guarantee that the dreams will cease permanently.  Demonic dreams may occur infrequently as a test to know if the person's control is weakening.  Once the spiritual line of protection is crossed demons can still influence though life but they are much weaker.  

Example of a demonic dream

Recently, I had a dream that I was in a high rise building apartment.  There was a gathering of people in the kitchen and I was approaching the window in the living room.  There was a black figure in front of me.  It spit at me.  I immediately knew it was a demon and said, "who do you think you are spitting at me?  Get out in the name of" (I was going to say in the name of Jesus) but the demon went through the window and out.

I know this was a demonic test of my mind control while asleep.  I did wake up from the dream but immediately went back to sleep undisturbed.  This dream inspired me to update my website on the new information I acquired about demonic behavior and exorcism.   . 



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