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Demons and Sex

Demons love and emphasize any all varieties of sexual behavior.  The demons will use a spiritual channel that has been established through a legal right to enter the physical bodies of their "hosts" and give more intensified pleasure to encourage sexual behavior.  

Christians need to be watch  their thoughts and the behavior of their loved ones and friends.  Sexual demons can gain legal rights though the abuse those in family authority.  To make matters worse there can be generational sins of lust, rape and abuse that comes through the bloodline similar to having a special disease coming through the bloodline.  

Lies Demons tell concerning their identity

Spirit of a deceased loved one Women communicate through a Ouija Board to speak with a decease finance.  
Spirit that protects and guides Gives enough truth but mingles statement with lies.
Spirit that will tell the future Makes person depend on demonic knowledge instead of the person thinking for themselves.
Spirit that gives power over others Power to manipulate others to get what you want.
Spirit that is an angel Good spirit and would never do any harm.



Demonic Legal Rights  Types of Demons  Weaknesses of Host
Generational demons rape, murder, lust, addictions, physical abuse of parents and family members to children and the weak. Ignorance of Generational curses in previous generations.
Pornography lust, perversion, rape and abuse, masturbation continuously thinking and concentrating on sexual imagery and  behavior
Spirit Channeling-Ouija Board, Communicating with the "dead" by various methods Giving "spiritual sex" by promoting masturbation and sexual behavior of any type. Likes the intensified sexual pleasure given by the demons.

Most people know that the incubus and succubus that are insatiable sexual spirits that will use their human host until they are worn out or die.  Some people may like the intensified pleasure a demon brings but know this comes with a very costly price tag.  The price tag is your sanity, the quality of your life, and your eventual physical destruction.  Sexual demons specialize in sex but still operate in the general demonic activities of stealing, killing and destroying the person's life. Demons will use the human host for their pleasure but demons hate humans for having a body and being created in the image of God.


What demons do The result of demonic activity
interject thoughts about sex, murder, suicide

Some people think that these thoughts originate from their own minds. 

Confusion of reality and role functions in daily life.  Father molesting his child.
Sending images into the mind of perversion, murder,  suicide. initiate a desire for more images--money and time being spent on fulfillment of sex.
Controlling the sleep function by waking the person with bad dreams of attacks by other demons chasing, torturing and killing. Sleep in interrupted by dreams and images in sleep.  This leads to lack of sleep symptoms confusion.



Note From the Webmaster

Why do I write of these facts about sex and demons?  The first reason is that I hate demons and what they do to people.  The second reason is that the church on the whole ignores demons and their behavior.  The problem is the demons do not stop attacking us because of our love for God or because we ignore them.  The worst of the worst  is that Demons sexually harass the spiritually innocent.  

All people need to know how demons enter and demonic behavior.  There are innocent children playing Bloody Mary at slumber parties or children that have a Ouija Board hidden in their room.  There are young people having "spiritual sex" and think it's a cool method to have sex in a long-distant relationship.  Parents, family members and friend need to be watchful of the spiritually vulnerable and help protect them.  Ignorance is not bliss-ignorance can kill.

The truth is demons will destroy the quality of life and it extreme cases life itself.  How do I know so much about demons?  The answer is in my testimony--the demons came very close to killing me. The truth needs to be told--spirit channeling is extremely dangerous.


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Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game

The Ouija Board is an effective demon channeling method.  Once a demon is invited and summoned, it is very difficult to get rid of the demons and their influence in a person's life.

Deut. 18:11-12 " ...or one who practices witchcraft ,or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer. or one who conjures spells or a medium or spirits, or one who calls up the dead.  For all who do these things are an abominination to the Lord..."

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