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Demons and Sex

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Demons will introduce themselves as a deceased fiancée, past lover, or person who wants to love and protect it's person in every way.   Demons can initiate thoughts of sex and stimulation through any form of pornography addiction.  Demons usually find men through pornography weakness.  Demons are masters at manipulation and trickery to attempt to begin the demon possession process.

Special Note:

For readers who want to play with demons for additional pleasure: Sex stimulation with demons is a very evil manipulation that demons use to further the demon possession processNever invite a demon into your body for the purpose of sex.  Demons are not operating for your pleasure but for their pleasure.  The demon has the goals to destroy your mind and then kill your body.  The demonic goal is absolutely serious-to destroy you.  You cannot control demons by just telling them to leave when you are done.  Demons will control you.

Please note that details have been omitted because there could be children reading this out of curiosity.  Please contact me by email if you have questions concerning this or need help to control a sexual demon.   

Demons will want to have sex through their host-person. There are demons that are strong sexual demons.  These demons sole purpose is to have their person move their hands and body to simulate sexual activity.   Although demons do not have bodies, they can feel the body sensations of their host.  Demons can stimulate the the host in thoughts and can give physical sense of sexual stimulation. Demons can move the arms, hands of their host when the person gives control to the demon and the person's control goes into neutral.   Know that the person can stop the movement of their hands, arms and legs by not permitting their body to be moved by the demon.  Most of the time, the person is tricked into thinking that they are helpless to stop it.

There is also spiritual sex that is between two people who are separated by distance.  They meditate on memory of each others bodies and begin touching themselves.  The two people think they are using their own spiritual senses to do this but in reality, they have invited a demon to be the medium.

How a student nurse got trapped into demons and sex.

The woman contacted me by email.  She was a student nurse whose fiancée was killed in an auto accident.   She wrote that the spiritually contacted her deceased fiancée through the Ouija board.  She permitted the spirit to speak to her and touch her by using her hands. She would not believe me when I stated this was a sexual demon and she had to stop.  After a year she wrote that she was admitted to a mental institution and on medication but has been released from the hospital.  She was still channeling the demon that pretended to be her fiancée.  She was keeping this a secret. That was the final time I had communication with her.  The quality of her life was ruined unless she seeks exorcism.  


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