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Stop Your Demons

The Circle of Christian Women pages is dedicated to helping people control and stop demons.  Most people think that to stop a demon an exorcism needs to be performed.  Most exorcists have not personally experienced how demons inwardly affect the mind, body and soul of a person. An exorcism is preformed with no after-care on how to stop demons when the person is living their daily life.  Know how to stop demons by knowing how demons behave in the demon possession process. 

Exorcism can be effective and stop demonic activity for a period of time but most exorcisms are not complete. There might be a period of temporary peace and relief.   Eventually, The demons return only to torture more by declaring that they cannot be stopped or controlled.  The person returns to the exorcist for another exorcism.

Self-exorcism is spiritual battle for the non-Christian.  Self-deliverance is spiritual battle for the Christian.  Both of these spiritual battles are between the person and the demon in the private space of the mind of the person/host. 

Demons initiate a process with the goal of possession.  Women are at higher risk of possession because they are usually very spiritually curious as young girls and demons will start the process on any sweet, innocent young child if she crosses the line of protection.  Men also get demons by addictions, pornography, and anger issues.

The process of demonic possession can mirror many of the symptoms of mental illness.  There is a fine line between demon possession and mental illness.  Psychiatric medications should be taken if the person has prescribed medication from a medical doctor.  These medications can help by calming the mind in either mental illness or demonic possession. 

Process of Demonic Possession-Know the Enemy

Spiritual Curiosity -Level 1 

 Demons are waiting for someone to cross the spiritual line of general protection given to us by God's grace.  Each person is given control over their body, soul and spirit.  The deed of ownership belongs to the person. The deed of ownership is compromised when the spiritual line of protection  is crossed by illegally entering the spirit realm.  What activities cross the line?  The answers are the Ouija Board, channeling, seeking to speak with deceased loved ones and many other spiritual activities.  How Demons Enter

Demon Oppression-Level 2

  Methods of communication are established on an on-going basis.  These methods include Ouija Boards, Angel Boards, channeling through a medium and many other methods..  The demon promises what the person wants to hear-protection, wishes fulfilled, a wonderful life filled with happiness.  The person spends more time in spiritual communication. The demon has not enter the person body because the communication is through an outside source such as the Ouija board. Many times this communication is a secret from friends and family

Partial Possession-Level 3

Eventually, the demon will suggest that the medium for communication should be eliminated the person is spiritually strong enough to communicate directly with it.   The demon begins the process of influencing the mind and interjects thoughts into the mind.  If the demon is invited to speak through the person's voice or mind, then the person becomes a host. The communication usually begins with the thought process.  The thoughts are not an inward voice or an outward voice but a thought enters the mind that refers to the host in the 2nd person. The thought appears to have the same qualities as a person's normal thoughts.   Example:  You need to spend more time with me.  Do not tell your loved one or friends about this communication because they will not understand the importance of this spiritual communication.

After the demon is entrenched in the mind, it can reveal what it truly wants:  to create chaos, suicidal thoughts, aggressive and abusive behavior.  The chaos extends to the physical body.  The person does not eat properly, cannot sleep because the demons give evil, disturbing dreams.  Family becomes concerned has does not know what is wrong or how to help.  

Any of the first three levels can last for years before the person will begin to seek help.  The person is usually keeps what is happening to them a secret. The host is afraid that family and friend will consider them weird or crazy.  They do not want to go to a psychiatrist.  The only thing they did wrong was work the Ouija board or some other spiritual activity. The person was fine before making that mistake.

Total Possession-Level 4

The person is totally incapacitated--constantly talks to self, uses abusive language, needs a caregiver to attend to all personal needs. Please note that these sings of Level 4 can be signs of extreme mental illness.  


An illustration of the demonic process

She is introduced to a very charming, charismatic person at a party.  This man declares that he is an authority on the spiritual realm.  He wants to get to know her better and she arranges for another meeting.  Their spiritual discussions are fascinating.  She spends months with this person discussing different spiritual subjects. 

One day, she invites her friend into her home for refreshments.  She continues to invite her friend into her home many times just to talk.  She  enjoys her friend company so much.  The thought occurred to you that since she has and extra bedroom maybe you should offer him a chance to move into her home.  Her house is large and she lives alone.  

He accepts your invitation to move into your home. He is using your appliances, eating in your kitchen and opening all her closets and and cabinet doors. He goes through her personal items when she is not home.  One day the man gets abusive, hits her, and tells her that is his home is now and he will do whatever he wants to her.  He can read her mind and if she calls for help, he will kill her.  She is trapped. blog

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