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About Exorcism 


 There is a common error in religion that demons cannot be controlled or stopped unless there is an exorcism is preformed by a exorcist.  Usually this exorcist is a Christian who has the spiritual protection of Jesus Christ.  Exorcism can be effective and stop demonic activity for a period of time but most exorcisms are not complete. There might be a period of temporary peace and relief.   Eventually, The demons return only to torture more by stating that they cannot be stopped or controlled.  The person returns to the exorcist for another exorcism.  

There are many false ideas and misrepresentations of exorcism.  Television and the movies mix exorcism with truth and Hollywood fantasy.  The programs portrays demons to be more powerful than the actually are in reality. Exorcists are usually Christian.  Below are falsehoods and truths about exorcism:


TV and Movie Exorcism

Actual Exorcism

Demon can injure or kill exorcist  Demons do not injure or kill the  exorcist.  
Demons can throw objects supernaturally through the air. Demons can throw the exorcist through the air,. Not True Statement
Demons speak in another voice Demons use person's voice-use the host's voice but changes tone & pitch.
Demon changes host's physical features. The host could be weakened physically but actual physical features do not change.
Demon kills host person Demon cannot kill host person, but can torture mentally so the the person wants to kill himself.
Demon can expose exorcist's personal life of bad behavior.   True statement
Demon can speak in an understood language, foreign language or gibberish through the host's voice, True statement
Demons scream, spit, induce vomit, growl, speak obscenities, threaten exorcist with death. True Statement.  
Exorcist touches host person Exorcist should not touch the person while a demon is manifesting.


More Detailed Facts and Fiction

Demons do not kill or injure the exorcist.  They can threaten death but cannot cause death of the exorcist.
Demons can scream, yell obscenities, try to expose the exorcist as a hypocrite, spit, growl and make the host vomit.  
Demons do not kill or injure the exorcist.  They can threaten death but cannot cause death of the exorcist.
The demons voice is the voice of the person. The demon can lower or higher the voice pitch of the person's voice but cannot speak with any other voice
There are television shows that are pure fantasy portraying demons and good and bad.   Demons are always evil.  
People who have demons are shown as physically abused, all their physical features changes.. In reality,  People can be on stage two of demonic process for years and their outward appearance can look normal.   The demonic process of weakening the person can take years.   Many still go to work and live to the outward appearance as an average person.  Demons cannot change your your physical appearance to an extreme.  
Demons do not kill their person but torture them enough so they want to kill themselves.
The person receiving the exorcism should not be constrained during an exorcism.
The demon can tell secrets about the exorcists personal life to attempt to intimidate him.
The demon could speak in a foreign language or just speak gibberish through the person. 
Individual spiritual warfare should be taught.  How to wage battle when alone.
Do not touch the person when a demon is manifesting.


If you go to an church for exorcism help, you will find that Many Christians churches do not believe that demons can possess human beings.  Some churches know demons exist but chose to ignore demons in their teachings.  There are a few Christian churches that perform exorcisms.  The battle is still personal when the person is alone.  The benefits of an exorcism  may give temporary spiritual relief.  The demon stops torturing for a while; unless the person can defend herself it will continue with the possession process.  

Please do not attempt perform an exorcism alone.  You risk becoming possessed if you have no leadership and have not been properly trained.   Do not ever invite a demon into you because that will relieve the suffering of a loved one or friend.  The loved one will still be possessed and you will have invited the demon into you.  Demons can flow from one person to another quite easily. 

If you have read my true story, you know that Jesus Christ helped me out of the demonic trouble.  Read the Bible for the words of Jesus.  Memorize the scripture you can and replace demonic thoughts with scriptures.  Jesus Christ has the strength to get rid of these these demon.  My True Story blog

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