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Inner Healing-Speak to the Wounded Parts

Most of us have wounded parts that need to be healed.  When trauma is experienced in life it would be natural for your soul to splitter into a small little part that holds all the hurt and pain from the trauma.  The wounded part can be a vivid memory or another personality hidden in your soul.  Forming wounded parts is a God-given way for all people to cope with the trauma and move on into the rest of our life.

How to discern wounded parts in the soul.

Watch for emotional triggers.  That is a out-of-the norm reaction to a situation.  You might see a child getting hit by another child.  You might get extremely angry and more highly emotional than the norm.   You feel like you were the one that was hit and violated.  The trigger indicates you that there is an inner wounded part that had the close to the same thing happen to you as a child.  The wounded part "comes up" by overwhelming emotion and intensity.  Most wounded parts hold the pain of a traumatic childhood memory that needs to be given to Jesus.  

These wounded parts need to be healed by Jesus Christ.  You can talk to your own wound parts and tell them that Jesus is coming to heal them and set them free. A example of speaking to a wounded part:  You are discussing divorce with your friends and as you talk tears start coming to your eyes.  This is a sign that a wounded part of the soul is starting to "come up" or present herself in your core being.  When you are home in a private place begin to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.   "I speak to my wounded part that holds the hurt of my parents divorce. Know that you did not do anything wrong.  The divorce had nothing to do with you.  You were only a little girl.  The Holy Spirit is surrounding you right now.  Open up your heart and permit the Holy Spirit to heal you.   I know that you are hiding most of the time, but now is the time to get rid of all the pain your are holding for me and become healed and whole."  Call Jesus to come to the wounded part and pray that the wounded part will be healed.  In your quiet time with the Lord, speak to the wound parts that you know exists and ask the Holy Spirit to surround them with His presence and protection.  Ask the Holy Spirit to give the wounded part more peace and joy.

The Holy Spirit will tell you when you need to speak to a wounded part and what the wound was that needs to be healed by Jesus.   This takes sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that only time and experience can show you and the movement of God in your spirit.  Pray for such sensitivity and your prayer will be answered by a keen awareness of your soul that can only be supernaturally imparted by the Holy Spirit.   

There are some situations that are too overwhelmingly emotional.  At this point. consult a effective deliverance ministry that can help you.   God wants us to help us through the gifting of other Christians.





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Forming wounded parts is a God-given way for all people to cope with trauma and move on with life.




Speak to the wounded part to be healed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit is surrounding you right now.  Open up your heart and permit the Holy Spirit to heal you.